17 Best Articles and Resources for Language Teachers and Learners in 2017

17 Best Articles and Resources for Language Teachers and Learners in 2017

This year, we at Busy Teacher have had the opportunity to bring you a wealth of articles, worksheets, and other resources to help make make your experience as a language teacher or learner much more positive. To round out the year, we'd like to take the opportunity to highlight some of our most popular articles and resources. Check out the list and see if there's anything you might've missed during the year.

How to Teach Conversational English

Some people think conversational English is easy to teach and can be a relaxing experience. However, if done right, it requires a lot of planning and can come with some unique challenges. Discover how to teach conversational English the right way. [Read On]

Listen Up! Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Listening

You may teach listening skills to students, but how good are your own listening skills. These tips will help you improve your own listening skills so that you can better reach your students. [Read On]

Don't Ditch Dictation! 4 Fabulous Ways You Can Use Dictation to Help ESL Students

Dictation can seem old-fashioned, but it actually has a lot of benefits, particularly in the ESL classroom. Discover four simple ways to bring dictation into your classroom to improve reading comprehension, listening, and speaking skills. [Read On]

5 Ways to Bring Your Classroom into the 21st Century

Does your classroom feel like it's stuck in the 1990s? Are your strategies and practices a bit outdated? While it's okay to stick with the tried and true, it's also good to update things every now and then. It's time to bring your classroom into the 21st Century. [Read On]

Little and Often: An Experienced ESL Teacher's View on Homework

Do you regularly assign homework in your classroom? If so, do you struggle to get students to complete it? Every teacher has a different view on homework, but the fact is that sometimes it can be beneficial for students. Discover one teacher's perspective on the subject. [Read On]

15 Easy Techniques to Elicit English from Your ESL Students

Getting your ESL students to talk can be a challenge. Some lack confidence. Some lack skill. Some lack desire. These 15 techniques will help make it easier to get responses (in English) from your students. [Read On]

9 Five-Minute Activities that Will Save Your Lesson One Day

It's something all teachers dread - you teach the perfect lesson, but it ends early. How will you fill the time? Keep these activities on hand to help fill those final moments. You'll never have to dread ending early again. [Read On]

Top 10 Ways to Teach Vowel Pronunciation in English

Teaching vowel pronunciation can trip up even the smartest students. Help students learn how to pronounce A, E, I, O, and U in their long and short forms with these simple strategies. [Read On]

7 Simple Activities You Can Do With Any Movie

Movies offer one of the best ways to help students to build their English skills. They feature people speaking in English and often use idioms, slang words, and other tricky elements of conversational English. Since there is such a wide variety of English, you can also use movies to get students interested. [Read On]

5 Things You Should Say to Your Class Every Day

Sometimes teaching is all about establishing a rapport with students and creating a positive learning environment. Improve your classroom by making sure you say 5 key things to students every day. [Read On]

7 Best Games for your Next Vocabulary Class

Vocabulary games help take vocabulary instruction from blah to wow. They give students a chance to talk and interact with the words they're learning. Try these 7 games the next time you teach vocabulary. [Read On]

Talk for a Minute Activity

Students can be intimidated by having to carry on a conversation for a long period of time. This activity starts them off with a less intimidating task. All they have to do is talk for a minute about a given topic. [Read On]

Verb Tenses Board Game

Make learning verb tenses more fun by having students play a fun board game. This game gives them a chance to look at verb tenses in a new way. [Read On]

Songs to Study English 2

Do you use songs in the classroom? They can be a great way to help students learn English. This worksheet helps you identify other songs that you can use in the classroom. [Read On]

Animal Riddles

How well do your students know their animals? These animal riddles help students practice their English language skills and learn to recognize words and concepts in new ways. [Read On]

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Articles

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a popular format to use for PowerPoint games in the classroom. This activity takes that game and adds questions about articles to help students learn to use a, an, and the. [Read On]

Irregular Verb List

Irregular verbs do not follow the same conventions as other verbs. For example, the past tense of sleep is slept. Keeping track of irregular verbs can be difficult. You can use this list to help your studnets learn those tricky verbs. [Read On]

Thank you for using BusyTeacher as your ultimate source for language learning resources in 2017. We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality resources in 2018 and beyond!

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