Swappy Role-Plays for Adults #2


1. Make enough copies of the cards and cut them out.

2. Put students into pairs.

3. Give each pair a situation – 1 card per partner.

4. Let them read their role and situation. Help with the unknown words and understanding the situation.

5. When everybody is ready to start say “Action!”. While the students are role-playing monitor them closely, correct the mistakes if necessary or note them down to discuss later.

6. Just about when the dialogues reach their critical points (after 2-3 minutes of talking) suddenly say “Stop!”. Ask the students to swap the roles and continue the conversation but with the reversed roles. Say if the student was Mother, now s/he has to continue as Daughter.

7. You can swap the roles several more times if you want. It’s fun!

8. When you see that students are done with the situation, you can swap the situation between pairs, so that each pair has the opportunity of role-playing all of the situations.

9. After all the situations have been role-played you can have a feedback session. Students might also want to share how exactly they sorted out the problems.

10. Enjoy!!!