14 Exceptional Drug Abuse Education Activities

One of the most important things you can do as a teacher is to give your students information about the health effects of drug abuse and the uneasy consequences related to drug abuse treatment. This 16-page book of reproducibles (kindly provided by the US Department of Health for free download on their website drugabuse.gov) is full of fun facts and activities on drugs of abuse, and can be used alone or to support and extend any coursebook topic you may be teaching.

This book includes an introduction to the brain, that crucial organ so vulnerable to drugs of abuse. Then, the focus is on the health effects of specific drugs, including marijuana, inhalants, nicotine, steroids, prescription drugs, club drugs, heroin, and cocaine.

While you can use these reproducibles to support a drug education, health, or human-body science curriculum, the activities extend into other areas. In order to complete the activities, students must read charts and graphs and complete diagrams. They must read and practice universal skills such as critical thinking, pre- and post-reading strategies, inferencing, and recall. We hope you find these pages useful across your curriculum.

The answer key is provided for the teacher.

Activities in the book include:
Your brain at a glance
The word on marijuana
THe top 10 things you need to know about inhalants
Nicotine news
Steroids: All-over Horror
Rave realities: the truth about club drugs
The cocaine course
Mixed-up about heroin
Outsmart the chart
A prescription for pain

Overall - great resource book with all sorts of teenager drug abuse prevention and treatment activities, such as word searches, reading texts, mazes, quizzes, charts, FAQs writing templates, jeopardy,