SONG: Penny Lane (The Beatles)

In this worksheet, students will work with the song 'Penny Lane' by The Beatles. There are many opportunities to work on different topics here: present simple, body parts, jobs, places in town. The first listening activity can be easily adapted to your needs and/or ideas: you can ask students to write down only nouns, verbs, adjectives, words they don't know, food items, body parts, places in town, examples of present simple etc. The 'Explore' part might be challenging for lower-level groups, so you may bring in pictures to help them. Also, the exercise on the third page allows you to choose whether to hand in the lyrics so lower-level students can find the answers by reading or, with higher-level ones, simply play the song again so that they can listen out for the information they need. The themes the song talks about might also trigger interesting discussions with more advanced groups, such as how cities have changed over time, jobs of the past and jobs of the future, iconic streets/spots in their own cities etc.