The Grammar Card Game

This is a card game where students need to create meaningful sentences using the cards they are dealt. There are 5 main types: subjects, objects, verbs, complements and connectors.
-At the beginning of the game each player draws 7 cards.
-The first player draws a card and then proceeds to play as many cards as possible, starting with a subject, followed by a verb, an object etc.
-For every card that gets played, pupils need to repeat the full sentence up to that point. Verbs are in the infinitive form so they need to be adapted to the context.
-Complements and objects can be played only if they can be supported by the verb ("spider-man fixed a pancake with a screwdriver" is nonsensical but acceptable, "Mr. Bean sleeps a pancake" is not.)
-When no more cards can be played by the same player, the turn goes to the next one. If he also cannot add anything, he just passes to the next player, without forgetting to draw a card.
-When a sentence is completely formed (subject+verb+at least an object/complement), a player can choose to declare it finished and start a new one with a subject. The sentence is added to the blackboard for later review.
-the game ends when a player is able to finish all the cards in his hand.


Please note: This file is an Excel spreadsheet