Winter Worksheets, Vocab, & Activities

Winter is a magical time for kids, from the excitement about upcoming holidays and winter break to the fun spent outdoors in the snow. These few months provide plenty of opportunity for teachers and parents to introduce new topics to young learners, from speaking and listening activities to memory games to coloring worksheets to flashcards. 

Whether you're working on lesson plans or trying to find ways to keep your little one busy at home, these winter worksheets are excellent resources for beginner ESL students. Feel free to download, print, share, and/or save them for later. 

11 Winter Worksheets on Writing, Vocab, & Speaking

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    Winter Flashcards

    For complete beginners or pre-K students, use these winter flashcards to introduce common winter vocabulary to them. Each card displays an illustration of objects or actions like snowmen, snow angels, ice skating, snow boots, and more, as well as the term written out at the bottom of the card. The flashcards can be used for multiple activities, such as memory games, teaching new vocabularly, or a festive game of Go Fish.

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    Peppa Pig, Cold Winter Day

    If you have students in the classroom or at home who love Peppa Pig, this worksheet is a great option to help them practice winter-related vocabularly, listening, and writing. The activity requires students to watch a fun 5-minute cartoon about Peppa Pig and her family during wintertime. After watching the YouTube video, students will fill in the blanks if the questions on the worksheet with the appropriate winter words. Once the worksheet is completed, they can color each of the illustrations. 

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    Winter Worksheet

  4. This resource is the ultimate roundup of winter worksheets with more than 10 different activities for beginner ESL students to work on. Teachers can use these activities as warmups throughout the winter months or send them home for extra writing and reading practice. Parents can even print these off for their little ones to do in their free time - they're that fun! By downloading this resource, you'll get activities like a word search, fill in the blank, unscramble words, handwriting, and writing activities.  
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    Winter Activities Vocab

    Winter activities like sledding and snowboarding are some of the most fun memories during wintertime. Teachers can use this PowerPoint to introduce verbs, actions, and activities using the present continous tense. Each slide displays a person doing a certain winter-related activity, like shovelling or making a snow castle, as well as three options for what they are doing. You can use this as a class activity where students have to pick the correct answer and say it outloud.

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    Memory Game

    Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned memory game? Students will get excited about competing for the win with this group activity. Just cut out the squares of winter activities and images, flip them over, and shuffle them around. Then, students will take turns turning cards over, two per round, to see if they can get a match. If they match two of the cards on their turn, they get to keep the pair. In the end, the winner is the student that has the most pairs. This is also a great game for siblings to play together at home or with parents. 

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    Flashcards - Winter Clothes

    This set of flashcards is for little ones who are just starting to learn the English language. Each card has a winter clothing item on it, so teachers and parents can practice with students the names of each item, as well as speaking activities. You can ask them to come up with complete sentences including the clothes, or fill in the blanks on the worksheet. You can also have students practice writing the words and add labels to each card. Similarly to other flashcard sets, these can be used for memory games or Go Fish.

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    Find Someone Who... (Back to school after Winter Break)

    Students are always excited about winter break, but coming back to school after vacation is over can be a challenge. Teachers may find it difficult to regain students' attention, but this activity is a great ice breaker. Students will be given a worksheet with a list of common activities that are done during break, like playing computer games, and they will need to stand up and begin mingling with their classmates to find one person who did each of the items of the list. When they have found someone who played a sport, went shopping, etc., they can sit back down. To keep the activity going, you can have the class share some of the things they learned. 

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    Winter Time Vocabulary

    This winter worksheet focuses on reading and writing about common winter activities, as well as sharing what students love to do most during the season. It starts off with an excerpt including several fun facts about winter and wraps up with two questions to help students practice their writing. It's ideal for more advanced ESL students and is suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. 

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    Winter Olympic Sports

    One of the most exciting parts about wintertime is the Olympics! If you're heading into a year with the Olympics (and even if you're not), this worksheet provides fun vocab and speaking activities to teach young learners all about the different winter games. They will be asked to match the activities to the appropriate images, give their opinions about the sports they're learning about, fill in the blanks, and complete a video activity. 

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    Holiday Traditions

  12. Every student has different holiday traditions, whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkuh, or another holiday. This activity will focus on going over the origins of 27 different holiday traditions, and your students will love learning new and interesting facts about their favorite holiday activities. They will first watch an eight-minute YouTube video that highlights each tradition. Then, you should discuss them as a class. Were there any that surprised you? Did you know about any of these origins before watching the video?
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    Christmas Song Worksheet

    In many areas of the world, you can't go through winter without hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go. One of the most classic holiday tunes is showcased in this activity, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." Students will review the lyrics and fill in the gaps if they are able to. Teachers can also use the worksheet as a listening activity by playing the song out loud and having students listen close for the missing lyrics. Depending on the level of your students, you may want to provide a translation for them in their native language. 

Winter may bring dreary, cold weather, but there's plenty of fun and learning to be had during these months. From holiday activities to weather-related worksheets, we hope you found some helpful resources to use in your classroom. For more winter activities, check out these January worksheets.

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