Song worksheet: Getting Older (uses of the verb "to get")


This song “Getting Older” is written for teachers to use in the ESL classroom to practice the uses of the verb "TO GET". The worksheet also explores the different stages of life. It includes twenty examples of the verb TO GET in different tenses: get up, have got to (have to), get to (arrive at), get there (arrive there), get desperate (become desperate), get nervous (become nervous), get in trouble with the police (have problems with police), get older (become older / to age), get a job (find a job), get married (become married / to wed), get new digs (buy new digs), get on well with (have a good relationship with), get through to someone (communicate with someone), get fat (put on weight), get a car (buy a car), get weak (become weak), get tired (become tired), get a visit from someone (receive a visit from someone), get shorter (become shorter) and get colder (become colder).