Silly Superstitions

This is a role play that I use to teach superstitions. I firstly introduce the topic and then ask students to brainstorm and come up with a list of superstitions from their country. After that I tell the students that today they are going to do a role play activity. One by one I will call the students out of the class and give the their superstition role-play card (you may need to explain and new vocabulary) Then I will tell the students that they are not allowed to tell anyone what their superstition is.
The students have to pretend that they are at a party and make everyday conversation, but, while they are speaking thay need to also be doing what the card says( for example tapping 3 times on surfaces, opening/closing the classroom door etc).

After around 20 minutes or more stop this activity and as a group review. Could any of the students guess what their friend's superstition was? If not the students can take turns to reveal to the class.