This Is Me - Back To School Worksheet For Older Students

This is a worksheet you can use with your students on the first day back to school to get to know them and their favourite things better.

This worksheet is for young learners who can already write. They have to write their personal information (name, age, brothers/sisters, and some of their favourites, namely:
- Colour;
- Season;
- Game;
- Fruit;
- Number;
- Food;
- Animal;
- Cartoon;
- Group/singer;
- Job they would like to have in the future.

On page 2, they have to write some things they love and some they hate. The last part is very important for the teacher to have feedback on what the students like or don't like to do in English classes and what they expect and are anxious to learn that schoolyear. The students have to mark with smiles smile what sad some activities usually done in English classes.

I have another similar worksheet for younger students, where they have to draw their favourites instead of writing.