My Home Town

The main lexical focus of this worksheet is describing the place where you live.
This worksheet can be used as a hand-out for individual or group work to increase Elementary/Low Pre-Intermediate students’ awareness of the related vocabulary and enhance their reading comprehension skills.
The lexis is contextualized in a text about Dniepropetrovsk, which is a typical CIS industrial city, so it is ideal for Russian-speaking students of English.
Multiple references are given to ease students’ translation of English equivalents of specific Russian/Ukrainian realia.
Photocopy the worksheet so that there are enough for each student in your class.
1. Ask students to fill the gaps 1-14 with the words in the boxes next to each paragraph. Encourage students’ discussion in pairs as they fill the gaps.
2. Ask them to read the text. Students are supposed to check their answers while the text is being read loud.
3. Ask students to match the illustrations with the words in bold. Let them write the right words under each picture in the spaces provided. Encourage students’ discussion in pairs as they do so.
4. Ask them to read the words matching the pictures round.
5. An optional follow-up activity for individual or pair work:
Remove paragraphs’ headings from the text before giving it for reading.
Write paragraphs’ headings on the board suggesting a matching activity. When students have finished, ask them to share their answers with a partner.