Halloween Collection: 40 Pumpkin Carving Stencils For A Spooky Halloween Decoration


Choose one of these printable pumpkin carving patterns (or have your learners choose one each, if you want to turn this into a homework assignment which is also a good, but slightly dangerous idea), and print the stencil. Choose a pumpkin, place the printout on it and secure with tape or small pins, then with a sharp pen or a pin poke the outline right through the paper onto the pumpkin (leaving distinct marks on the pumpkin). Now it's time to get rid of the temple and grab a pen - all you need to do is connect the dots you have just made! Then, with a sharp knife or any other pumpkin-carving instrument, saw carefully along the dotted lines - be careful not to cut yourself, this is the most dangerous part of the process!


The collection contains 40 pumpkin decoration templates found on eHow - from 'traditional' to very scary :)

Happy Halloween!