3 Hoops and Yoyo Party Masks

These are cute masks with instructions on cutting/folding them - please feel free to give to your beginner learners as a homework assignment, or do it with them in class. Great for all sorts of parties.

This worksheet was kindly provided by Hallmark and can be also downloaded from their website.


Works best when printed on a heavier paper. Check your printer's instructions to learn what paper(s) are safe for your printer to print on.
1.) If you’re a kid, get a grown up to help you.
2.) Safely cut out the mask.
3.) Safely punch out holes for string on the edges of the mask, by the eyes.
4.) Safely cut out holes for your eyes. they may not line up with the eyes of hoops or yoyo because their eyes are pretty far apart.
5.) Secure string to mask, be careful not to tear mask.
6.) Put mask on, enjoy it.