Meet My Friend: Mingling Activity Role Cards

The material consists of 13 cards, each card has 2 parts: the left part contains some personal information about an imaginary person (name, age, occupation, family) and the right one should be filled with with the corresponding information about the pupil's partner. First, pupils work in pairs, pretending to be the people from the cards, interview each other, making notes on the right section of their cards; then they report to the class the information they got (Meet my friend...) The data is given (and written by pupils) in notes, not in full sentences, so it helps not only to practice the lexical units (family, nationalities, occupations), but will also be helpful for revising the verb 'to be', personal pronouns, questions, the possessive case. I believe this activity will be suitable for beginners (or pupils with the level 'elementary'). Hope you'll find this activity useful!
P.S: To practice more 'country' and 'nationality' words I made up all these personalities, I'm not sure about the authenticity of surnames, so please let me know if made any mistakes in this part of the exercise.