20 St. Patrick's Day Sayings & 10 Things You Can Do With Them

Here's a new discussion worksheet for your St. Patrick's Day lesson! This worksheet contains 20 Irish proverbs and sayings for you to build your lesson around.


Here's a list of just a few things you can do with these sayings:


1) When Ss enter the class at the beginning of the lesson,  hand one saying to each of them and ask them to paraphrase or memorize their sentence. Ask each of them at the end of the lesson to explain the saying to the class.

2) Hand one saying to a group of students, they discuss the meaning or the situation that best matches the saying (or vice versa?)

3) group pictures: Ss draw the saying of your/their choice.

4) Ss translate one saying into their L1 quietly and write the resulting phrase on a paper, then hand the paper to another group - they will have to translate the phrase back from their L1 to English. Then compare their accurace together.

5) Students mingle, everyone gets a card with a saying/proverb. Everyone pretends to be a wise Irishman/woman, say their saying and look as wise as possible :) 

6) Ss explain the sayings.

7) Ss write a story with as many Irish sayings as possible

8) Ask your learners to make dialogues using at least one of the sayings.

9) Mime a saying

10) T cuts a saying into separate words (2-word sections for lower levels) and shuffles them, Ss arrange into the saying. 


If you know some other great ways to use these St.Patrick's day lesson materials, please share them in the comments!