Bet Game

Hey there! If you have been trying really hard to entertain your teen students and you have no any ideas left, here's the bet game I want to share with you. For this game, you divide your students into two teams and hand them out the same number of cards. Members of one team ask members of the other team questions or tasks from the cards starting their questions with the words, 'I bet you'll never... [do this action --> whatever their card says] hoping that their opponents won't be able to do a task. Team members get one score for each right answer or a successfully done activity. To make things easier, I usually write the names of teams on the board and write down each score they earn. Wonderful to be used as a warming up activity or as a break in the middle of the class. Every time I have it, I have loads of fun with my students. Trust me teenagers will love it! And of course you are free to add your own ideas to the main list :) Enjoy and don't forget to rate!