Song Worksheet: E.T. (Futuristic Lover) by Katy Perry

Activities are based on the song by Katy Perry E.T. Futuristic Lover. The worksheet is to be used while teaching Mysteries/Aliens/UFO/Extraterrestrial etc. Also the subject area can be extended to Love and Romance. It consists of three types of activities.
1. Pre-teaching the vocabulary
2. Listening to the song for key ideas and adding details.
3. Listening for specific words
4. Answering questions

Tasks are aimed at teaching the vocabulary. Works great with adult learners and teenagers. Teacher’s notes are included.
Type of activity: whole class, communication, listening, information gap
Level of the worksheet: pre-intermediate, intermediate.

Vocabulary focus: abduction, alien, dimension, laser, wave length, cosmic, extraterrestrial, hypnotizing, foreign , magnetizing, futuristic, supernatural, supersonic, transcendental, float, glow, be afraid, vibrate.