Crossword Puzzle: Past Simple of Irregular Verbs

Typical crossword puzzle created to look like the ones you see on newspapers.

The clues are all past simple of verb, and all the verbs asked for are irregular, helping the students memorize those pesky irregular forms they hate in a fun way.

List of verbs on the crossword puzzle:
bring, come, have, forget, take, drink, fight, sleep, freeze, leave, become, set, bleed, lay, catch, hide, bite, build, pay, awake, meet, send, choose, find, know, do, draw, fly, get, lead, blow, let, hold, go, begin, give, arise, forgive, drive, keep, write, lose, buy, mean, learn, dig, burn, say, hit, quit, break, grow, put, eat, flee, make, sell, hear, hurt, fall.