Weather Worksheet: Billy, Maria and the Thunderstorm

This worksheet, called 'Weather Worksheet: Billy, Maria and the Thunderstorm', was kindly presented by National Weather Service and can also be downloaded from their website. This is a 13-page document, each page is supplied with imagery, - telling the story about Billy and Maria - who were lucky to get home just before the thunderstorm began and learned from their parents how to stay safe. The worksheet is a good source of the topic-related vocabulary and thunderstorm forming process description. Students are welcome to brainstorm on their own safety ideas, in addition to those basic ones provided with the worksheet. The worksheet is complimented by some facts about the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service and National Severe Storms Laboratory, as well as the organizations' missions and responsibilities. The last page of the worksheet is 'Billy and Maria' series index of titles.