How Often Do You...? Cards

A set of cards to help students memorize the structure ´How often do you...?, leisure activities vocabulary and to practice adverbs of frequency.

Procedure for playing the game:
1. Copy and cut out the cards. You will need a copy for everyone in class.
2. Divide your class into groups 4-6 students.
3. Give each student copies of the cards. These are faced down on the table in the middle of the group.
4. Students take it in turns to pick up a card then ask someone how often they do this particular activity. The student answers with an appropriate adverb of frequency. The activity continues with the next person in the group.
5. Set a definite time limit and stop the students at the end of it, whether they have finish or not.
6. The game can .be scored by assigning one point for each correct answer.
7. The game ends when the limit time is reached. The winner is the group which has scored more points.

Using the frequency adverbs cards:

1. Each group is given a set of frequency adverbs cards. Again they are face down on the table. This time instead of asking question, the student makes a statement using the particular frequency adverb.
E.g. I often play chess.