Movie Worksheet: SuperSize Me

Great worksheet that goes along with the movie Super Size Me. I use it to delve into nutrition.
• The documentary premiered at Sundance in January, 2004. Less than two months later, McDonalds announced that it will no longer sell any of their menu items in Super Size Me, although they officially deny that this move was in reaction to the film.
• Morgan Spurlock got the idea for the documentary when he was lying on his couch at his family's house shortly after Thanksgiving dinner, watching TV when he saw the news about two teenage girls suing McDonald's for making them obese.
• When the movie opened in Australia, it had the highest opening gross ever for a documentary. It grossed just over AUS$1 million (over US$800,000) in the first two weeks of release.
• At the San Francisco premiere Morgan Spurlock said that getting permission to shoot in NYC McDonalds was often denied (in which case they would often hide the camera or go out to the car and eat), but to acquire consent in less paranoid cities generally consisted of the following exchange: "What are you guys filming here?"  "We're shooting a MOVIE!"