Bingo (Play with the Language)

Encourage children to actively learn new vocabulary and read it out to their classmates...if they win! Get them drawing and writing the words they have choosen for the Bingo card.
Reinforce and check the children's listening ability with this fun, traditional game – BINGO!
Course: Primary
Material: piece of card (20x15cm) for each child
- Give each of the children a card and ask them to divide it into six squares and then draw a picture of a vocabulary word they have learned in each square.
- Get them to write down what they have drawn on a piece of paper and cut the words out. Collect the words and put them into a bag.
- Take the words out one by one and call them out. Whoever has the object drawn on his/her bingo card should cover it. The winner is the first one to cover all his/her cards.
The winning child reads out the names during the next game.