Top 10 Websites for Business English Teachers

Top 10 Websites for Business English Teachers

No matter how well experienced or qualified one is, sometimes we reach stumbling blocks along our career path.

Oftentimes this is generally due to the stress of teaching specific classes, or it may just be that the teacher themselves is running out of ideas. Never fear, however, because there is a wide range of different options available today! Not only are there books out there which will help with ESL teaching, but one can also look up a wide variety of different resources which are available on the Internet. Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down anymore, as there is so much information available on the World Wide Web that it would be silly not to have a look here. Below is a list of 10 excellent business English sites where a lot of information can be garnered from.

Top 10 Sites for Business English Teachers

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    This isn’t a website which is specifically devoted to TEFL or ESL, of course, but there is a rich bank of information here for the teacher who might find themselves stuck. It includes a variety of different articles including ideas for games, teaching older and younger learners and much more. This website has a long history of providing information on a huge range of topics and one is bound to find some interesting facts and pieces of information right here.

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    This comprehensive site is designed more with students in mind, and hosts a wide range of activities for them to go on and complete in order to improve their own language skills. But don’t be turned off by this right away, as there is still a lot of very useful information here. For those who are stuck with ways of helping their own class practice, then it is the perfect opportunity to gather some ideas from. Have a look through the exercises, and see how you can customize them to suit your own classes.

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    For those of us who happen to be somewhat stuck for materials to read in the class, this website can be a lifesaver. Discussing current events within the classroom can undoubtedly lead to a lot of heated debate and whilst it ought to be kept in check, it will undoubtedly encourage the students to speak their mind and practice their English more thoroughly. Regularly updated, this website is something every teacher should keep bookmarked!

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    This website also shows a comprehensive list of different activities to make the classroom learning experience a little more fun. What’s great about this particular site, however, is that it has some lesson plans already made out which one can freely customize to suit the specific class. Whilst it caters to all kinds of English teachers, there is no reason why it cannot be done to suit business English lessons as well. It also breaks them down into various categories including the likes of grammar training, teaching with music and much more.

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    Much like the previous website, this particular one will cater towards both students and teachers and is another excellent place to pick up the likes of lesson plans and other ideas. It is possible to sign up with this website in order to get the likes of flashcards and other resources pertaining to English teaching. Definitely worth a look if one is seeking out some solid learning materials for students.

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    Another great site which has a huge amount of information on it. There is a section where a lot of different activities are displayed and one can pick and choose from these. Of course, they are just ideas and when stumbling upon websites like this, it is important to tailor one’s classes to suit the students themselves. This site also has sections for other types of learners, should the teacher require information of various kinds for teaching different age groups.

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    Another rich resource, not only for people who are teachers but students can also gain a lot of benefit from this website as well. This is a list of different exercises which the student can participate in and, as teachers are sometimes like magpies, it would often be a good move to have a look through the exercises yourself and see how they can be taken and applied to classroom situation.

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    Whilst business English tends to focus more on conversation, sometimes students might need to go over various grammatical structures in order to reinforce them in the mind. This website provides links to various different grammatical exercises which can incredibly helpful to teachers who might need a little bit of inspiration within this field. A lot of people do not enjoy grammar and find it difficult, therefore this website will give simple guidelines in its instruction.

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    Not only will this provide advice for teachers, but there is also a supportive community here where teachers can get together and exchange various ideas. Sometimes reading through Business English manuals and following instructions isn’t enough, and one needs to speak with others in the field, some of whom may have more experience and better qualifications. One can never learn too much.

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    Another extra website which will provide many different ready-made Business English lesson plans and other sources of information. One can never have too many of these on a favourite’s list, so it is important to keep everything organized and pick from what is needed for the next class.

There is tonnes of information out there on the web. What has been listed here is only a sample of some of the more comprehensive websites.

Whether one is a beginning teacher or experienced, it never helps to remain closed to new ideas and therefore expanding one’s own education is key to progressing and becoming a better teacher. Don’t forget to check BusyTeacher’s own ‘Business Grammar’ and ‘Business Vocabulary’ sections!
Do you know any other great Business English websites not on our list? Please add them in comments below!

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