Crossword Puzzle About Movie Genres

This is a crossword puzzle I used as an introduction for my lesson about movies (I was teaching them how to write a movie review). The answers to the clues:

2 a story that is inspired by real life = documentary
6 a short form of science fiction = sci fi
7 a story that is supposed to scare you = horror
10 where people go for entertainment = theatre
11 a love story = romance
13 a celebrity who is popular = star
14 another word for movie = film
15 a funny story = comedy

1 a person who acts = actor
3 a person in a story = character
4 a story that is not acted by humans = animation
5 storyline = plot
8 type of movie = genre
9 the second story = sequel
12 a story that involves a lot fast and dangerous events = action

I suggest using this in pairs or in threes.