Body Parts Board Game

A fun picture board game with lifelines to teach body parts to students from 5 upwards. There are trickier pictures like "hip", "neck" and "chest", but they can be simplified to "body" or "mouth" for younger students. Alternatively you can test more able students by having them name all the parts in the picture e.g. mouth, lips, tongue, teeth. This works best if you can enlarge it to A3 on a photocopier, or give one A4 game to each group of four students. To facilitate progress I use lifelines, a bit like "Who wants to be a millionaire?", which they love. They each get three lifelines on paper at the start of the game and can use each one once when they need help. The lifelines are: Ask a friend (the other children vote on the answer); choose a word (show them four words to choose from); or first and last letter (give them the first and last/every other letter). All opportunities to try and get the children to remember the words on their own, instead of always relying on me to prompt them! They also enjoy the competition aspect.