Guess Guinness: Superlatives Lesson Plan

Students can look at Guinness world records online during this lesson so you need a computer lab for this activity.
This is a complete lesson plan on superlatives They usually enjoy it a lot.
First I revise the key adverbs in pairs (see: Find the opposites jme worksheet). Then I quickly revise the superlatives forms of these adjectives.Next I hand out the photocopies with the "Guinness pools" 13+1. Students guess individually not in pairs.I make them switch on their omputers only at this point. In case of a 14 students group I give each of them one record to search for at Each of them has to read aloud the result they found. At the end we check their pools and give the winners a loud applause or maybe small candies.
I enclosed some more records fo homework or further lessons.
Have fun!