Past Simple Bingo 2

Let's face it, the seemingly endless list of irregular verbs in the past simple never excites students and they basically just have to learn them so...make it fun and play bingo! This is a fun way to practice or revise some common verbs in the past simple. You call out the infinitive and your students have to say the past simple form of the verb and find it on their bingo cards. If you haven't played bingo with your class before, model how to "call bingo" first and then let your students take turns. Put the call cards in something creative to add to the fun! (I use a velvet drawstring bag.) Past simple bingo works well with both adults and older kids/teens.

This upload includes call cards for 18 common irregular verbs (lose, break, sing, grow, sleep, ring, fall, fly, catch, forget, fight, stand, pay, know, sell, throw, begin, teach) plus 8 different bingo cards in both colour and b&w. Print, cut out, laminate and enjoy! (I've also uploaded Past Simple Bingo 1 which uses 18 different verbs).

My students also like this past simple ball game: use a small soft ball (stress balls are perfect!), say an infinitive and then throw the ball randomly - but gently! - to a student. The student then has to say the past simple form of the verb before throwing the ball back to you. Set time limits if there's a lot of hesitating to keep the momentim going and see how quickly you can pass the ball around the class.