The Story of Us: Listening Comprehension

This worksheet although a love song it is not the typical lovey dovey one. It talks about heartbreak with an upbeat tempo. It has several mini activities that must be done, not just fill in the blanks (e.g. put sentences in order, underline the wrong word etc.)
At the top of the sheet there are three spaces for titles. My suggestion is that the 1st time the st's listen to the song, they give it a tittle, and so forth for the next 2 listenings. At the end, you can discuss with your students if the titles they picked were appropriate or not and then reveal the real name of the song.
The last activity is a grammar one.For low-intermediate students, the song is a great way to review present (simple and continuous), past (simple). For more advanced students, you can erase the vocabulary box for the fill in the blanks section and change the grammar focus (conditionals) for the last activity.

Comments are welcome! Please let me know your student's reactions.