Person and Country Boardgame

It's a board game based on the game "perfil". This board game contains two categories: person and country. The teacher prints the board and the cards. At the classroom, the teacher divides the students into groups of four or more players, they have to choose a pawn (it can be an eraser, a coin or any small object). One student starts reading the clues, he/she has to tell the group to which category the card belongs. The others ask for a number from 1 to 6 and the student who is reading say the clue out loud. The player who asked for the clue will guess the right answer, if he/she guesses it wrong, other student asks another clue. But if the student guesses it right he/she moves the pawn according to the numbers of clues that has not been said and the student who is reading the clues moves its pawn according to the number of clues that had been said. The winner is the one who gets to the "end" first or gets closer to it.