Routine Cards [Mr Bean]

This worksheet can be used in many different ways. You can either copy it and play it as a memory game. (There are two same pictures). Students are put in groups of 4/3 and each takes 6 cards - the rest of the cards are placed face down. The aim for a student is to get matching pairs and to get rid of all the cards in his/her hand. He/She asks one of the other players a question (it can be in any tense - if you practise pres.simple - the question may be: "Does Mr Bean get up at 8.45?" - if the Student who is asked has the matching card, he/she says "Yes,he does." and gives the card to the Student who asked the question. If he/she does not have the card, he/she says: "I´m sorry, he doesn´t" and the Student who made the question has to take a card from the pile.
The pictures can also be used in pairs and the teacher might ask the Ss to order them and say what Mr BEan does every day and what he does regularly. (Some cards could be omitted - depends on the teacher).
Or, the teacher can also read the daily routine of Mr Bean and the Ss (in pairs) have to put the pictures in order and then retell the routine.
I hope you and your students will enjoy this.
You might think of other possible ways to use the cards.