Feelings Matching Game

One paper is used per 2 students. In pairs students place the cards face down. To start Ss play a game of rock, paper, scissors. Loser must ask the question and winner flips over a card and answers according to the photo on the card. When students get a match they keep the pair and it counts as one point. Once students were finished with the game I had them glue the cards in their notebook and write a sentence using the word on the card. Another way to use the cards would be a speaking game. Each student receives one card and keeps it a secret. Practice the dialouge you want them to use before setting them off to play. Students go around the room meeting their friends. Rock, paper, scissors and winner asks the question. My dialog for my book was : "Are you ____?" "Yes, I am." or "No, I'm not, I'm ____" In this case the student who asks the question asks, "Are you (input the emotion on their card)?". If the other student answers "Yes I am," then they are on the same team, so they hook together and try to find others on their team. If the student answers  "No, I'm not, I'm _____." Then they both move onto a new partner. (You could easily adjust the dialog to "How are you?" I'm ___.) Adjust emotions according to your students' levels.