Lingo - A Word Form of Bingo

I have been searching for some bingo cards that I could change the numbers into words but I couldn’t find any so I have made some.Each card is very similar and can be used as numeric bingo cards but can also be modified easily to contain words instead of numbers. The cards are in a Microsoft word document and by using “Find” and “Replace” commands; the numbers can be swapped for words.The cards are attached and need to be modified as follows: “Find” *1* and then “Replace” with a word clicking "All", then Find” *2* and then “Replace” with another word clicking "All' and so on until you have replaced all 75 words. I have used four letter words, however the worksheet will accept bigger words and it is easy to find a complete lists by using Google.Then using an iPhone or iPad application called iBingoFree, you can easily generate random numbers, look up the number on the list and call out the word.I would give students a few minutes to familiarise themselves with the words on the card they have chosen and you could even ask them to tell you what the words mean before playing Bingo.