The Best and Biggest (a Game with Comparatives and Superlatives)

There are 3 versions of the worksheet for 3 groups of students. The topic of each is an English-speaking country (the UK, the USA, Australia). You may want to supply maps of these countries.Each group is going to prepare quiz questions for the other two groups. Don't worry, no knowledge or further resources are needed. In the first part of the worksheet, students are asked to look at the clues and complete questions using given superlatives. Correct answers are listed. Ex.: Australia: Which / (famous) invention? ...Boomerang. Students think of an alternative - incorrect - answer (boomerang / television) for later. In the second part of the worksheet, students are supposed to complete sentences with comparatives + than: Ex.: English universities are older than American universities. Word order is given to create either TRUE or FALSE statements, which is also pre-defined in the worksheet.Once all the groups have completed their quiz, they are going to compete it in teams. Teams decide which one will start - the UK, the USA, Australia. The other two teams toss a coin for the right to answer first. Then, questions from part 1 are read aloud. The team that won the right to answer first, well, goes first :) If they don't know the answer, the other team is allowed to answer it. If they don't know either, team 1 can ask for options (boomerang - television) and choose. For each answer without options, they will receive 10 points.For each answer with options, they will receive 5 points. The second part is read aloud again, but this time, both remaining teams write their answers (true or false) down, their position in this part is equal. 5 points for each correct answer.This is a 60 minute activity for elementary students, or a 45 minute activity for pre-intermediate students. Have fun! :)