The lesson is focused on country study material about Australia. How to use the lesson
1. Brainstorm on the subject of Australia.
2. Divide the students into pairs and give each pair a copy of Worksheet A. Give them a few minutes to read the sentences, looking up any new vocabulary, then ask them to fill the gaps with the correct words from the box. This exercise introduces some of the vocabulary that appears on Worksheets B and C. Make it clear that there is only one possible word to fill each gap, and that there are 15 words in the box but only 12 gaps in the text, meaning that three of the words should not be used.
3. Check answers in open class.
4. Keeping the students in their pairs, hand out copies of Worksheet B in which students have to match the numbers in the first column of the table with the items in the middle column. Although Worksheet A provides a little help, in some cases students will probably have to guess.
5. Check answers in open class.
6. Keeping students in their pairs, tell them that for the final exercise they are going to look at some statements about Australia and decide if they are true or false. They are then going to ‘bet’ anything from 10 to 50 points on their guesses.
7. Give each pair a copy of Worksheet C and ask them to read and discuss the statements. In the first column after the statement they should write T (true) or F (false). In the second column they have to write the number of points they are willing to bet on their answer (10 points if they are forced to guess, going up to 50 if they are very confident about the answer).
8. After the pairs have given their answers, it’s time to score. Each pair calls out their answer and how many points they have bet. If they have answered correctly, students enter their points in the final column (points won). If they have answered incorrectly, they should enter their points in the third column (points lost). At the end, students subtract the total of the third column from the total of the fourth column to give the total number of points they have won. The pair with the most points wins.