The 100 Greatest Britons

A lesson for FCE or Advanced level groups, based on the 2002 TV programme of the same name seeking to determine the greatest ever Briton. Students do a few reading and listening activities to ensure they understand the concept of the programme, and a vocabulary input task giving them some useful phrases of persuasion and are then divided into groups. They are given one of the people who finished in the top 5 (I suggest picking the ones they will be most familiar with) and prepare a short presentation persuading the rest of the class to vote for their candidate. This gives them valuable speaking practice, particularly if preparing for a speaking exam, and introduces them to the idea that even if they don't think they have much to say, they have to say something. As an extension, you could have a discussion as to who the students think would win the title in their country, or do a writing lesson culminating in them writing a persuasive article to argue for their preferred candidate. Notes for teachers, source material for the presentations and an answer key are provided.