Movie Worksheet: NCIS - Become a Detective

It is based on the episode of "Light Sleeper", Season 3 Episode 14. It basically starts with two Korean women that have been killed. Turns out they, and the Korean who found them all married US army men at around the same time in Seoul. They all end up being part of a North Korean cell. The worksheet is nothing special. It just splits the episode into 7 different sections, then reviews a recap section. I will pause it after each 'section' and have them answer the questions. The worksheet is designed to go up to around 24 minutes 10 seconds on the show, as after that everything is pretty much revealed and it is more of a man hunt than playing detective. After that, they will look at the last page and they have to discuss who they think may be guilty. They should discuss reasons why or why not for each possible person, and try to come up with who they think is guilty. Hope someone finds it useful.Here is the episode with subtitles: