"Houses" Card Game for Russian Speakers

This worksheet is designed for Russian speakers. It contains a set of cards with English word and their Russian equivalents connected with the topic "Houses / Flats". Print the worksheet, cut out the cards. During the lesson divide the class into smaller groups of 3-4 people and give them the cards. Explain that they should deal the cards within the group, then look in their cards and try to find matching (English - Russian) pairs. If they have any, let them lay the pairs in the middle of the table with the face up so that you could check them. If you spot an incorrect match, say that to the students and they'll need to take the cards back into the game. If the students haven't found matching pairs in their deal, they need to start exchanging the cards with other students in their group to find other matches. It's important that they exchange the cards with the faces down. Plus, make sure they have a certain order of who they exchange the cards with. The first student in the group to have no cards wins. Variations: You can divide the pack of cards into smaller portions and give different groups different cards. So, you can have several rounds of the game.