World Cup 2014 Country Flags (for Memory Game)

This is a game you can play with students of all levels, whether they are following the World Cup or not. I think it's a good way to help them learn the names of countries in English, as well as make them realize that there is a bigger world out there. 1. Make a stack of index cards with a flag on each index card. 2. Make another stack of index cards with the name of a country on each index card. 3. Place all the cards randomly facing down. 3. Play the memory game: A student can flip 2 cards at a time. If the flag and country name matches, the cards are taken out of the game, and the student earns a point and gets to play again. If the two cards do not match, the student puts the card back, and the game moves on to the next student. When all the cards are gone, the student with the most points win. Tips:  With large classes, you can divide the students into teams of 2-3 students. To make it more difficult, you can allow students to put the cards back down in another place. Instead of letting the students keep the cards they got correct, you can take the cards, and give them a stamp to record their points. (This is the prevent them from ruining the cards.) Make sure the back of all the index cards do not have any marks.  When writing the country name on the index card, make sure the marker does not seep through.