One and Many

The concept of ‘many’ is the first step for students to identify numbers 2,3 etc. The best way of making children understand ‘many’ is to contrast it with ‘one’. I tried to show my children the idea of “One And Many” by showing examples from the things available in the classroom. Some of the examples were- one child and many children , one water bottle and many water bottles, one pencil and many pencils, one crayon and many crayons, one chair and many chairs, one shoe and many shoes, one book and many books, one chalk and many chalks, one ruler and many rulers etc. I asked one child to raise her hand and at the same time asked other children to raise their hands. So they could see one hand and many hands. Similarly with leg & many legs. It would be wonderful and  exciting or children if parents try out similar activities at home with things at home. I will would welcome your feedback and responses.
Lalitha Sundaram
Pre- school Teacher