Empty and Full

One of the concepts in understanding the environment around us is the idea of “Empty and Full”.
I have 33 children in my class. During lunch break I ask the children to show their own lunch boxes filled with food. After they finish eating, I ask them to show their lunch boxes to see whether they have finished their food. The children were very happy to come & tell me that they had their food and there is nothing left in the lunch boxes. After several days they were clear with the concept and were able to say when their lunch box was empty and when it was full. Later I showed them similar examples with other materials, empty bowls and filled bowls, empty schools bags and full ones, empty water bottles and filled ones. I also made a PPT with many familiar items demonstrating the same idea. In a few days they were able to identify empty and full situations with a variety of things. Parents can try out few of these ideas at home to reinforce the concept.
Lalitha Sundaram
Pre-School Teacher