Song Worksheet: Present Perfect Song by Rayana Brandy

This song by Rayana Brandy is particularly useful to practise the use of present perfect with the word " ever". Her voice is very clear and the song speed is slow enough for the students to follow the lyrics with practically no difficulty. You could do the typical fill in the blanks exercise by putting the first letter of the word or by writing the word that corresponds in each blank in random order on the board. What I did was the following: I handed out the worksheets with the missing words and I did a pre-listening activity by telling the students to read the lyrics of the song with the blanks included and then I asked them to try to guess which word would best fit in each blank. This exercise proved to be quite successful as they came out with similar verbs in the past participle and they also practised near- synonyms. You can always leave out the last part of the song as it doesn´t have any present perfect examples, though it may come in handy for you to let students realise how "going to" is shortened to "gotta" and "because" to "cuz" in spoken English .