Remembering Aretha Franklin - Video and Worksheet

A tribute to Aretha Franklin: first a video from The New York Times (it has captions if needed) and then an article about her life and career.
First I ask students what they know about Aretha Franklin. Then I show the video two or three times (for example once or twice without captions, once with captions). Then we work on the article. This was made for French speaking students, so if your native language is not French, you will just need to change the translations of the words I give at the top of the worksheet to help the students and the words from exercise I and put them in your own language.
To help you, here are the answers for exercise I:
1 a statement, l. 4
2 a training, l.8
3 worthy of, l. 8
4 tracks, l. 11
5 rhinestone, l. 25
6 to be in turmoil, l. 30
7 to tour, l. 42
8 to lack something, l. 54
9 blatant, l. 63
I hope it's useful!