Tools for the Most Efficient Use of Your Online EFL Classroom

Online EFL teachers love their jobs and the flexibility it allows them. For a short period of time, they get to talk to people from all around the world. Yet, the limited timeframe and distance learning are obstacles when teaching challenging English concepts. Fortunately, there are a variety of free resources to choose from in order to augment and enhance the online experience for our students.

Additionally, the resources in this article are printable and downloadable, meaning you can send them to your students via email or through a messaging app as a PDF. 

Tools for the Most Efficient Use of Your Online EFL Classroom

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    Rules on Regular Past Tense Verb Pronunciation

    English-language learners often have trouble remembering when and when not to add that extra [ɪd] sound when inflecting regular verbs. This simple cheat sheet organizes verbs so that you can easily reach for an example when correcting pronunciation. It’s especially handy when your students constantly pronounce verbs such as “hopped” with that extra unnecessary syllable at the end.


    Timeline of Verb Tenses

    It’s more difficult to convey the meaning of verb tenses to our students whose native language is not of the inflected variety. While our students will certainly understand the concept of past, present, and future, they may have trouble relating time to verb tenses. This timeline succinctly and clearly differentiates between the tenses. Laminating might be better for this one; you can then write on it with a dry-erase marker. You can also put the file on your iPad, and show it to your student through the camera’s eye.


    Independent Online Teachers

    Some teachers work without the confines of an online school platform. Although they must find their own clientele, complete freedom allows them to design their own lesson plans and administer them as they choose.

    • Help Teaching

      This teacher’s website gives educators plenty of options for lesson plans. There are single worksheets and fully prepared lessons, which can be assigned to students. While you have the option of using the free plan, the upgraded plans will save you valuable time and energy. You can also design your own custom tests and worksheets, or simply use the Common Core-aligned materials from the library.

    • FeedbackPanda

      This student management tool is integrated with many well-known online schools, but it is also fully customizable for the solo online teacher. It organizes all of your students and their information--from their personal details to the lessons you gave them. FeedbackPanda lets you organize your data by your lesson plan too. You can enter the name of the course and its details (such as difficulty on the CEFR scale). 


    Options = Opportunities

    Rapid advancements in technology have given teachers so many new ways to make money. Online teaching is one area that has erupted in the educational field, and it will continue to be a vastly lucrative field. However, to be successful, you must deliver a worthy class experience that produces results. Let some of these resources, made especially for teachers, help you and your students to be successful.

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