Political Nightmares Role Play

Political Nightmares 

Aim: Discussion, expressing opinions, agreeing and disagreeing

Activity: Political Nightmares - Interviewing and discussion

Level: Advanced



• Split students into two groups - a group of journalists and a group of politicians.

• Give each student a copy of one of the interview notes. Each students should be assigned one role as wither a Journalist or a Politician (i.e., Environment Minister, Foreign Minister, etc.)

• Ask students if they have any questions on the explanatory notes.

• Give students ten minutes to prepare for the interview.

• Have students break up into pairs and conduct the interview.

• Circulate around the classroom helping students and taking notes on common language problems.

• Begin the activity follow-up by going over some of the more common mistakes made by students.

• Finish the activity as a class by asking each pair to argue one of the points in front of the rest of the class. Ask other students to comment on the arguments presented.