Common Classroom Items - Student Mingle

This is a great exercise to learn/revise
• Names and spelling of common classroom items
• alphabet pronunciation
• names of members of the class

Before this task check the class is pronouncing the alphabet correctly.

Give each member of the class a card with the answer on it and check they can pronounce the classroom item
Give a copy of the worksheet to each class member and set the task
•To mingle with other class members and find out who has what card and to spell the item on their own worksheet.
a typical conversation – A => number 17 is a pencil
B => How do you spell that?
A => P E N C I L
B => What is your name?
A => Rebecca
B => How do you spell that?
A => R E B E C C A
•Tell the class that at the end of the activity you will be nominating learners to identify who had which card, so knowing which face links with individual names is also important.
When the majority of the class have completed their worksheet and all are seated in their places nominate learners to give you the name/spelling of different items (and write this on the board) and to identify who in the class had the card.