Jobs and Professions Worksheet

The main lexical focus of this worksheet is jobs.
This worksheet can be used as a hand-out for individual or group work to increase Beginner/Elementary students’ awareness of some basic English terms for professions.
The lexis is not contextualized, so this can be used as a warming-up or a follow-up activity in a theme lesson.
Photocopy the worksheet so that there are enough for each student in your class.
1. Ask students to practice reading the job list round.
2. Ask students to match the illustrations with the professions.
3. Ask them to read the professions back.
In the feedback, you may encourage synonyms or cognate native language parallels for some jobs.
Students need to be reminded of the correct plural form of jobs ending with ‘man’.
Follow-up activity for individual or group work:
Ask questions encouraging students’ using the new words in their answers:
Example: T: Who drives a car?
S: A taxi-driver.
Use gesticulative prompts if necessary.
Follow-up activity for pair work:
Tell the students that Student A will read the list of words to Student B. Student B must write them down. It’s a race. Who can read and write down the jobs the quickest? Say, Go. Check the spelling carefully before announcing the winners.