Wh-Questions and Verb To Be Game

This is an activity on the verb to be and wh-question words.
Students are asked to join both beginnings and endings to form a correct question.

Great for elementary students.

How to use the cards:
1. Divide the class into small groups.
2. Give each group a set of half sentences in two separate packs - beginnings and endings.
3. One student in each group deals out the endings to all players, which they hold in their hand, and places the beginnings face down in a pile in the middle.
4. Player 1 begins by turning up a 'begginning' card and placing it on the table so everyone can see it.
5. The group tries to complete each question using one of the 'ending' cards.
6. Completed questions should be left on the table.
7. At the end the group should consider whether any of the beginnings and endings can be re-combined to make better questions.
8. The group withthe most correct questions wins.