Snakes and Ladders (Blank Template)

A blank snakes and ladders game-board. You can print it out and use it for any grammar game/vocabulary game you want.
or laminate it - the kids could write on it with non-permanent markers :)
if the kids come to a ladder and do the demanded task correctly, they can go up the ladder - if not, they stay.
if the kids come to a snakes head and do the tast correctly, they can stay, otherwise they have to go down to the tail.

you need: gameboard, dice and token --> and additional material (e.g. question cards, vocabulary cards)

possible game: vocabulary (all three forms)
write the first form of a verb on each field of the game board. the sts role the dice and jump to the number. then they have to tell the first form (standing on the board), the second and third form of the verb. You could let them do a selfcorrection by providing a solution sheet.