Snakes and Ladders Board Game

Snakes and ladders
Procedure: Divide the class into groups of four students. Give each group one game board, one die, and four tokens.
Position all the students' tokens on the square marked "Start." The first student to play rolls the die. His or her token advances the number of squares indicated on the die. If the square asks a question or requests information, the student should answer the question or provide the necessary information. There are no right or wrong answers. Students should be encouraged to give thoughtful, complete answers. If a token lands in a square at the bottom of a ladder, it immediately advances to the top of the ladder, where the student should respond to the question or request in that square. If a token lands in a square that contains the head of a snake, it slides back to the square at the tail of the snake. (The token makes no extra move if it lands on a square at the top of a ladder or on the tail of a snake.) If a token moves to a square that does not have a question or request, the student gets to stay on the square without answering a question or giving information.
After the first student completes his or her turn, the other students roll the die in turn. The first student to reach the square marked "Finish" is the winner.