Olympic Country Profiles Activity (Worksheet Version 1)

I am running two weeks of middle school summer classes with an Olympic theme (since the Games are currently happening in London!). This worksheet is for a lesson about different countries' Olympic experiences/profiles.

1. I hung 6 country profiles around the room. Students had to read them all, then choose 3 to record on this worksheet. They also had to label the flags and colour in and label the countries on the map.
2. I cut all the information (including the flags) into individual cards and distributed them amongst the students. Without looking at their worksheets, they had to stick their info cards under the correct country on the board. (After which we checked it over for accuracy as a class.)
3. Trivia Game. I collected their worksheets and hid the board of country information so no cheating was possible, and then we played a trivia game with all the information (including showing pictures of the flags and locations of the countries on the map). This can be done with multi-player teams or individuals. In my class, the winner(s) got a prize, so they were extra-competitive!

This worksheet is one part of the activity - the country profiles for the wall are uploaded separately under the title "Olympic Country Profiles Activity (Country Profiles)"