Song Worksheet: Eva Cassidy (The Present Perfect Tense)

This is a very simple song by Eva Cassidy (who has an incredible voice!) to teach the abbreviated form of 'have' and also the function of present perfect tense especially for adult learners of English.  Before listening to the song ,I always write the title on the board and we have a small chat about the concept of the song. After listening to the song only once, we try to guess what the song is about.The next step is looking up the new words at the end of the paper. Now that pupils have searched for the vocabulary,we can start listening the song. It's a very useful idea to make students listen to the song bit by bit as it enables students to fill in the missing parts easily. Another idea would be to make sts listen to the song at once and then filling in the blanks if you work with intermediate or upper levels of English learners. Finally,we talk about the 'theme' of the song and we share ideas if we agree or disagree with the main idea of the song.I hope the worksheet would be helpful,stay calm and happy :-)